Although Senator Matt Rector’s resignation with the Guam Legislature is unfortunate for Guam’s families, his fight to improve the quality of life isn’t over. President Rector can now concentrate in serving the 3,000 GFT Members and their families and ensure GFT’s mission is accomplished through negotiating collective bargaining agreements, representation in the Civil Service Commission and in court and advocating for family-friendly legislation. As of today, Rector will now be the Chief negotiator for the Port contract.
Matt Rector, “While this may be a setback for Guam’s working families and our quest to live a decent life, we have only just begun to fight! I will continue to fight for the workers’ right to organize themselves in a Union, fair wages, paid sick leave for all, decent, affordable health care, the ability to retire with dignity, fully funded quality education for our children and every other pro-working family issue both here on Guam and in Washington DC. In fact, I plan to turn most of my bills into referendums so that the people of Guam can decide on these important quality of life issues that affect their families.” Read press release

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