President Matt Rector sent a letter to Guam Education Policy Board Chairman, Ronald Ayuyu on March 16, 2010 urging him to resolve the situation regarding the Furlough pay owed to our teachers for SY’03-’04. GFT has successfully won the case concerning money that was illegally taken from teachers in SY’03-“04 by delaying the school year by two weeks. The Civil Service Commission and the courts have both ruled in favor for these teachers, but they have yet to see the Furlough pay in their paychecks. “Somehow DOE manages to find the money to pay custodial contracts, food contracts, power and water bills, and Xerox contracts but they can’t seem to find the money that is owed to the people that actually do the work of education, Teachers.”, President Rector stated in the letter. GFT has made several attempts in addressing this situation to the Superintendent and will continue to do so until our teachers are treated with fairness and justice. Click here to read the letter

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