The public services that Guam’s families rely on to educate our children and protect our families are in danger of collapsing but our Legislature can fix it. If they increased the fee on H2 workers from $1,000/year to $20,000+/year the Federal Government and off-island contractors would have to pay higher wages to construction workers which would generate enough revenue to not only make up the shortfall but start making up for all of the current deficiencies caused by decades of underfunding. If The Middle Class Job Creation Act that was proposed last year passed, then it would:

• Lift the federal prevailing and Davis-Bacon Act wages which will force up Guam’s pay scale for workers on U.S. Government Projects
• Create thousands of $30+/hr jobs for the people of Guam
• Generate a new revenue source for our public structure to fund critical areas in education, safety, healthcare, etc.

This is truly self-determination because our legislature has the power to make this decision for the Federal Government.

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