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While GFT has been informing GovGuam workers for months about issues with the new Hay plan, now that workers have finally seen what it entails for them it really hits home. Keep in mind this plan is established by the legislature and pay is not negotiable by law. Here are some of the issues:

YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR: Whenever a consultant is paid to do a job, they produce what they are paid to produce not what’s fair for workers.

SHOW ME THE MONEY: As flawed as the Hay Study is, the Government only funded enough to cover workers in their first or second year of employment.
Everyone else was slotted in to their nearest pay.

WHAT HAPPENED TO MY 10% OR 3.5%: While the intention of the law is to include every other wage into the base pay of the new plan it just didn’t happen which is going to lead to serious challenges.

WHAT CAN I DO?: We need as many different examples of old Hay plan pay checks and new Hay plan checks so that we can evaluate the implementation.

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