We have been receiving numerous testimonies on concerns for Bill 469 regarding the Hay Study. So far, many of the concerns brought up deal with three (3) main issues: (1) Senior Employees being capped out (2) Remaining 20% PAY INCREASE for Public Safety officers (3) Autonomous agencies. If you are affected by this, then it’s important that you let your senators know so that they can implement the necessary changes. This bill is critical to you and your family as it greatly affects your quality of life. Send in your testimonies to fairpay@gftunion.com so that we can HELP FORMULATE A MORE FAIR PLAN WHICH WILL ADDRESS YOUR CONCERNS.

“In regards to how I am affected by Bill 469.
I have been an educator giving half my career to the Govt. of Guam school system. In all my years of teaching I looked forward to the day they said we will be getting a raise. When I received my hay study letter, I was shocked to see that I only received a 1.4% raise (about $19 extra per check) because I was past the midpoint of the payment structure scale. Two weeks prior to this letter, I also received a letter from my health insurance company that my rates had increased and that I would have to meet my deductible before the 80% kicked in, unlike my old plan I only paid $20 per dr. visit. So I basically didn’t break even.

Other teachers, like my mother, who gave 29 years of her career to GPSS did not receive a penny because she had already reached the max salary/Step 13. It doesn’t make sense that after 19 years of service to GovGuam we do not see any raise in salary. When it finally happens, these senior teachers don’t get a penny but new incoming teachers, some of whom my mother is mentoring, gets a three to five thousand dollar raise. This does not sound or look right because they are the ones who waited longer and waited patiently for all those years. I’m only a few more steps from being capped and I am already considering moving to DODEA once I’ve reached the “final step” of my career in GPSS.”- Teacher