Watch our new episode of The Working Family TV Show now airing on FOX6 Tuesdays 7:30pm and Sundays 5:30pm. This episode features various workers of DOE including DPW Bus drivers, all who contribute to our children’s public education. Find out what custodians, school aides, teachers, principals, school nurses, clerks, and DPW bus drivers do in their jobs and how they prepare for the opening the school year. “Even though it’s not mandatory for me to appear in my class 2-3 weeks ahead of time I do that. It’s my own choice even though I’m not required. Just like my room, I painted my own room, I spent my own money because I really make sure my room is a good place for the kids so that they will be excited as soon as they come in,” Ms. J. Silvestre. Hear more from our workers in this new episode!

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