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“The classes that we offer in ER&D are outstanding classes. They’re really different then what are usually taught to teachers”, Dana Figirliyong, Director of ER&D Program. In 1981, the AFT noticed new teachers were leaving the profession within their first five years. After some research, the AFT determined that many of the educational programs throughout the United States didn’t provide the actual skills needed for teachers to do their job well. Therefore, the AFT organized the ER&D program which are highly researched classes proven to work. Teachers are highly encouraged to take these courses that will improve their teaching skills. Before the beginning of the school year, quite a number of DOE teachers had problems with expired certifications. Teachers are recommended to take re-certification classes to prevent this type of issue from happening again. Fortunately, the ER&D course credits can go towards re-certification and they are open to both public and private school teachers. Click here to see the New ER&D Summer Schedule. Click here to watch ER&D Segment.

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