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“Every one of us that helped in this victory has earned our place in history. When I went to DC to Lobby for Guam with the Progressive States Network and our brothers and sisters from Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, I told the same story to every Member of Congress: Guam’s families are Americans too that have paid for that privilege with the blood and health of our families. Including us was just the right thing to do. They listened. Then I met with AFT and told them that our members and their families are just as important as every other member and our inclusion must be a part of their lobbying efforts. They listened. I called our friends in the National Labor Caucus and the AFL-CIO. They listened. But the real power was the thousands of phone calls and emails that you sent asking the Senate to do the right thing. They listened. I am proud and honored to have been a part of this historic victory and look forward to working for more in the future. Together We Win!!!”

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