Hundreds of public workers from DOE, GWA, GPA, GPD, GFD, etc. gathered at the legislature’s public hearing room for Bill 469 regarding the Hay study. Workers represented their respective agencies with concerns of certain sections of the bill that will negatively affect them and their families’ lives.

“How is this ever going to help US get up to National Standards? Lawyers will be brought up to the National Average but no one else will and there isn’t any plan to do so! This is just another plan from an off island consultant to keep us poor. If we would have taken the money we paid the Hay group and gave it to workers we would have all been a lot better off.” –Public worker

“I do not support the idea that there is a ceiling. So all the teachers, all the people who work in all the agencies, if they are in their maximum level they will never again get an increase in their pay and that’s going to not only affect how much money they make that year but also their retirement benefits and everything else that’s going to depend on how they’re going to retire on Guam. They won’t be able to have the money because the benefit is not going to be added to their pay. So I’m definitely against the idea of having a ceiling cap on any of the payment scales across the board.” –JFK Teacher

“We’re against it because we’re under the CTP program. We’d rather see our annual Pay for performance increment then wait, like if you’re in a different step up to step 10 you have to wait 2 years for another increment…” -GWA worker

“I’m here today to voice my concern about Bill 469 which in a section, section 19, serves to repeal an already standing law which is public law 29-105 that gives us our 40% (increment) for public safety and law enforcement officers. They kind of slipped that in and them wanting to try and mandate this Hay Study on the premise that they eliminate that section will prevent us from getting the rest of the 40%…It (Public Law 29-105) has done good for our family and if you want to take that away you’re not only hurting myself and the rest of the public safety and law enforcement officers, you’re hurting our families.” –Customs worker