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If you have a secondary health insurance, car loan, mortgage loan, personal loan, taxes, life insurance, etc. that you have payroll deducted then you will now need to choose only 3 that can be deducted because of the recent change to the Standard Operating Policy. DOE is limiting the number of Voluntary Deductions to a maximum of three (3) which will negatively affect the financial stability for our Teachers. The new policy takes away one of the few benefits that teachers can use. Now they will have to change their financial plans and use up their lunch hours driving around to process all these bills.

Please sign the digital petition to the Guam Education Policy Board and Senators urging them to implement a reasonable change to the Policy for Voluntary Deductions to have a maximum of ten (10).

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Limiting the number of Voluntary Deductions to a maximum of three (3) hurts many of our workers and their families in several ways:

Retirement will be more difficult

Health care protection will be damaged

Expenses will skyrocket

Businesses and other agencies will be hurt

Protection for our families will be damaged

Bankruptcy and foreclosures will increase

New car sales will drop

Our environment will suffer

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