2-10-10 GFT ceases $90k per year legal fees to Mrs. Somerfleck’s husband

3-3-10 President Rector attends a faculty meeting at AHEMS, where Mrs. Somerfleck teaches.

3-5-10 President Rector sends a letter to members at AHEMS
“I’d like to apologize for our meeting last Tuesday. If anyone thought they were disrespected let me assure you that it was not and never is my intent. That being said, I freely admit that I am human and therefore not perfect.” Click here to view letter

3-19-10 Mrs. Somerfleck sends a letter to the GFT Executive Council
“As officers and executive council members I believe that our membership has empowered you to protect and serve our members. We must have an open union with full and complete access of members into all aspects of our union.” Click here to view letter

3-23-10 Letter from Mrs. Somerfleck was still in discussion and review by the Executive Council

4-5-10 Mrs. Somerfleck sends another letter to the Executive Council
“The Membership at Agana Heights Elementary School has requested that I follow-up at this time. Please provide me the names of the Officers and Executive Committee, which department each represents, and the process in which they assumed their position, as well as, when each is up for election, and committee meeting agendas and minutes of each meeting for the last six months including any financial statements for such period. Please provide the date of each amendment made to the constitution over the last seven years including minutes and members present for each such amendment that was discussed and/or decided upon”, stated in the letter. Click here to view letter

4-15-10 The Executive Council directs Secretary Sharma to respond to her letter “Most of the questions being asked are typical of members that do not actively participate in the union. Since you are a school steward, I would have expected that you would know the answers to these questions or at the very least, known how to find them”, stated in the response. Click here to view letter

4-20-10 Executive Council moves to hold an inquiry into Mrs. Somerfleck’s recent conduct at the next Executive Council meeting to hear her side of the concerns for clarifications

4-23-10 Executive Council sends letter of summons for an inquiry with Mrs. Somerfleck. No intentions of removal were made Click here to view

5-3-10 Deadline for Mrs. Somerfleck to respond to summons; responds with Letter from her lawyer Click here to view letter

5-4-10 Executive Council meeting with Mrs. Somerfleck’s inquiry in which she refused to answer questions

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