Our public schools, health and safety desperately need additional tax revenue but it needs to come from those that can most afford to pay them not those that can least afford it!!! Tax systems that work are progressive so that everyone pays according to their ability i.e. The Rich Pay More!!! During the time of the greatest economic growth in the history of mankind the tax rate on the richest 10% of the country was 90%! Whereas the tax rate for the rest of us was less. Let’s grow our economy the right way with a fair, functional and proven tax system. According to the Guam Tobacco Use Statistics, adults with household income less than $10,000 per year had the highest smoking rates of 42.2% followed by those with income between $15,000 and $20,000. Recently passed Bill 150 which gives a huge tax hike on tobacco products is basically a regressive tax and won’t really help stop tobacco use in our island. Majority of tobacco users on Guam are those with low income.