President Rector just sent a letter to Senator Palacios requesting that he hold an oversight hearing on DOA regarding the Public Employee Management Relations Act (PEMRA) and their lack of action in upholding and administering the law with various cases for GMH/DMH Allied Health Professionals, GMH Nurses, DPW Bus Drivers, Port Authority of Guam workers, and GFD Firefighters. Rector also sent a letter to Acting Governor Cruz last month requesting that these issues be resolved. Click here to read letter to Senator Palacios

The GFT has applied for recognition for our Allied Health Professionals at the Guam Memorial Hospital (GMH) and Department of Mental Health (DMH) but have yet to receive it even after multiple follow up phone calls and letters. Rector now requests that Acting Gov Cruz order his directors in these line agencies and Department of Administration (DOA) to obey the law and grant these employees recognition immediately.

Although negotiations with our nurses at GMHA are going smoothly, a few issues need to be clarified regarding grievances heard at the Civil Service Commission and the ability to negotiate wages. Rector requests that the AG clarify these issues so that we can move rather quickly with negotiations.

We have requested that the current DPW Director reopen negotiations so that our hardworking bus drivers can have a contract in place to include provisions such as ensuring safe buses and working conditions. The current Director was willing to do so until the ceasing of Collective Bargaining and Negotiations was brought forth. Since the issue has been resolved, Rector requests that Acting Gov Cruz instruct the Director to complete the contract process.

The Port Management’s refusal to obey the law and negotiate in Good Faith has led the GFT to file numerous Unfair Labor Practices with the DOA. Unfortunately, DOA has refused to act upon these. Rector requests that Acting Gov Cruz has the Assistant AG sit in negotiations and order the Port’s Management to negotiate in Good Faith.

Due to the series of rejections from the Fire Chief on the original contract agreements for our Fire Fighters, the GFT has requested to get back to the negotiating table. Unfortunately, the Fire Chief refused. Rector requests that Acting Gov Cruz order him to resume negotiating in Good Faith to protect our Fire Fighters as well as the safety of Guam’s Families.