President Rector just sent a letter in response to Superintendent Underwood with suggestions on how to better obtain participants in the Textbook selection/adoption committee so that they can be fairly compensated for the time spent in the meetings at a reasonable cost to the department. Rector proposes that a Memorandum of Understanding for the members of the committee be required to participate in any meetings, outside their normal duty hours, to be paid their hourly rate as per Article 9j. “If the various meetings don’t require all of the committee members to be present and the time is limited, both of which are under your control, then the expense to the Department will be minimal and potential committee members will be reassured”, stated Rector.

In order to attract and retain teacher volunteers, it would also help if they can receive the following:
1. A letter from the Certification office certifying that this course can be used for both recertification and reclassification.
2. A course syllabus so that participants can truly understand what this course will entail and the work load involved.
3. A personal guarantee from you that ensures that all of the teachers that satisfactorily complete the course will have their transcripts for recertification within 30 days of the completion.

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