At today’s Guam Education Policy Board meeting, Barry Mead made three anti-teacher/worker/student illegal motions.  Two passed and one was withdrawn on advice of DOE’s legal counsel.
  • To remove President Rector, GFT’s representative, from the Board which passed.  This was a violation of both 17 GCA Chpt 3 and 4 GCA Chpt 10 the Public Employee Management Relations Act.
  • To suspend all collective bargaining activity until GFT proves that they have exclusive recognition. This passed.  Once again this is a violation on 4GCA Chpt 10, but not to be worried about.  Even if the Board has failed to read the recognition statement in the current contract, which was signed by the AG and Governor Camacho, we have the original recognition statement signed by the first Governor Carlos G. Camacho on February 5th, 1970.  Click here to read the original recognition statement 
  • To suspend all collection and transmittal of union dues to the GFT, this was withdrawn.  Obviously this was an out and out attempt to destroy the union by taking away our members’ choice and the means to enforce the law and our contracts.
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