Last year, our lobbying efforts to include Guam and the Territories in National Health care reform were successful and slowly but surely we are now enjoying the benefits.  President Matt Rector built a meaningful coalition with our brothers and sisters in other U.S. Territories and progressive lobbying forces of the National Labor Caucus, the Progressive States Network, the American Federation of Teachers and the AFL-CIO to give us power in D.C.  President Rector spoke with State legislators from almost every State and Union experts fighting for Guam’s inclusion in the reform.  With President Rector’s lobbying in D.C. and efforts from members, friends and families who made the phone calls and sent the letters to Congress, we were able to win for our families!    
The Affordable Care Act implements several provisions that will improve the quality of our nation’s health care.  Some changes have already been implemented such as a new Patient’s Bill Rights that puts an end to some of the worse insurance company practices.  Fortunately, Guam was included in the Affordable Care Act which now lowered the cost of GovGuam’s health insurance!  Some other benefits of the Act include bans on lifetime limits, no discrimination against those with pre-existing conditions, and helps children stay under their parent’s plan until the age of 26. Through 2014 and the coming years, we will see more changes implemented that will improve the quality of health care for all our families.  Winning in Congress was a huge victory and we hope to continue building meaningful relations that will help Guam’s families.
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