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Over the last decade, GFT has fought to cure Guam’s problems as opposed to allowing our leaders fool us with a fresh coat of paint. We have fought to raise the minimum wage, institute a living wage which means companies that get big tax breaks (job subsidies) like hotels, Pay Less and Hard Rock café have to enough pay their employees enough so that they don’t need food stamps to feed their families ($13.40+/hr), and increase the pay for public workers (to national standards) so that they can live a decent life and create middle class ($30+/hr) construction jobs through both local and federal legislation. Winning the fight against poverty, wins for everyone on Guam, raises everyone’s standard of living, improves public education and would make us all healthier. That is except for Guam’s richest one percent and the big corporations that profit and live a life of luxury at our families’ expense. GFT is the only organization fighting this righteous battle, but our little union battling the combined wealth of the Chamber of Commerce is like David taking on Goliath times 10!!! We still fight and we still win because our cause is true and just. That’s why every single union member can hold their head high and say, “I am proud to be, GFT!!!”

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