President Matt Rector sent a letter this afternoon to Governor Eddie Calvo urging him to consider alternative solutions to the budget crisis. “Working together, I believe that we can easily solve the problems of revenue short falls for the Government of Guam without adversely affecting thousands of Guam’s families and businesses. Layoffs of this magnitude would drive a dagger into the heart of Guam’s economy causing a downward spiral which would result in worsening our situation as opposed to your goal of improving it,” explained Rector. President Rector suggests reconvening the Fiscal Responsibility and Tax Commission which purpose was to deal with the revenue shortfalls of the Government. The direction Governor Calvo is taking will surely drive Guam’s economy down resulting in similar effects of the economic crisis our brothers and sisters in the mainland are experiencing. Our goal should be to “Build a better public structure, raise families out of poverty and build an economy that benefits all of Guam’s families.” Click here to read full letter

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