“Having weapons around schools is generally a bad idea, I see absolutely no need for that…we’re not in Compton, L.A.,” stated President Matt Rector during the Travis Coffman show in K57.   The Judiciary of Guam has hired School Resource Officers (SROs) who will be present at public high schools, armed with guns to prevent any kind of violent activities from occurring.  Read more

President Rector further explains, “Sometimes we spend so much money on things like this that are theoretically trying to treat the symptom as opposed to really investing money into the cure…by giving kids more access to better situations of conflict resolutions and better alternative methods so that when a child finds himself in trouble we have a system in place to help that child get out of trouble."  What we need are more school aides and more presence of people who are trained to work with children.  We need to implement a system that will help our children get the appropriate help when they have serious problems.  Our children need to feel safe, not threatened.  Listen to President Rector’s full interview on K57 here