Last Friday thousands of GovGuam workers received a smaller pay check thanks to the Governor rescinding the executive order issued by his predecessor implementing the New Hay Plan. So how do we move forward and win justice for all Public Employees? Legislative ACTION!!!

GFT has developed a new pay plan which keeps the promises already made and spreads the wealth fairly among all public employees. We will be putting it into a bill format and begin soliciting Senators to introduce it. It will take everyone’s effort to make this happen but we have done it before and we will do it again!!! Together We Win!!!! If you would like to be on a lobbying team for Fair Pay just hit reply and say “I am ready to stand for a fair pay check!”

While first and second year public employees got a much needed raise, the Plan had an adverse affect on the pay and future of everyone else. This was bad not only for the rest of our Public Structure but for all of Guam’s Families.

LOSING INSTITUTIONAL KNOWLEDGE: The Plan actually created a disincentive for public employees to stay for more than 7 years!!! This would cost us the valuable seasoned employees.

DIVIDES TO CONQUER: By splitting employees into haves and have not’s instead of working together to make our island better it just breeds resentment.

HURTS EVERYONE’S CAREER POTENTIAL: Even newer employees want a future career not just a one-time bump in pay.

NOWHERE NEAR ENOUGH FOR ANYONE: Even for workers that got a small raise it wasn’t enough to keep our pay competitive with US pay (private or public) or keep our middle class employees from sliding closer toward poverty.