That’s why we are working with the GEB to get PE teachers back in DOE elementary schools through contract negotiations.  
OBESITY KILLS – Heart disease, stroke and diabetes continue to be in the top ten leading causes of deaths in Guam since the beginning of the 90’s and all throughout this decade. Click here for more information 
FAT CELLS IN CHILDREN NEVER GO AWAY- The number of fat cells in an adult is set during childhood, as an adult they only get bigger or smaller.  Click here for more information  That’s one of the reasons why we need to combat their formation at an early age because if we let our children down now it will haunt them for the rest of their lives.
PE NOT ONLY SAVES LIVES BUT RAISES TEST SCORES – Why?  We don’t know but study after study says it does. Click here for more information
THE ACA, ADA AND AHA AGREE WITH US – The three top groups that research the biggest killers of Guam’s people support our proposals. Click here for more information 
Want to help save lives?  Then email and say you are willing to stand for our children’s future and we will contact you with ways you can help make this dream come true.