Speaker Judi Won Pat has appointed President Rector as an Academic candidate in Governor Eddie Baza Calvo’s fiscal responsibility commission. As published in the Marianas Variety, “His vision for the future of our island is rooted in the economic realities of the working people of Guam, and has resulted in some of the most progressive union contracts for working families in the history of our island,” said Won Pat. Governor Calvo also expresses his appreciation for Speaker Won Pat’s appointments. “I also thank Speaker Won Pat for her recent appointments,” Governor Calvo said. “This shows she believes in this idea that Vice Speaker Cruz first proposed and that we are pursuing together. We look forward to working with Frank Schacher and former Sen. Matt Rector. Frank is a businessman who knows the struggles the small business community faces. Former Sen. Rector brings much-needed perspective of how fiscal policy affects the labor force, and what we can do to make things better for public and private workers.”- From the Office of the Governor of Guam.

President Rector attended the commission’s meeting today and discussed various solutions to the past due tax refunds. Rector is very appreciative of the Speaker’s appointment and is ready to provide meaningful input as an advocate for Guam’s working families.

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