President Rector will attend the Public Hearing for Bill 8-31which would allow DOE to hire their own custodians and maintenance personnel. Rector will speak in support of this Bill because “it’s good for our children, it’s cost effective and it’s good for our island.” The current outsourcing of our custodial and maintenance services actually cost the people of Guam more than if DOE had their own employees. Having DOE hire their own personnel will not only save the people of Guam money but it will provide full-time careers with benefits such as medical insurance, retirement and sick leave for workers. GFT has always encouraged our members to participate in their democracy by voting during elections and speaking at public hearings because it is important to voice concerns on bills that will affect our families. The public hearing will be tomorrow February 17th at the Legislative public hearing room 1pm.

President Rector will also be supporting Bill 4-31 which would give differential pay to EMT-B Certified Firefighters of the Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Unit. “It is a great example of good legislation because it ensures fairness and better, higher quality public services not just for our families but for the visitors of our great island”- Rector. The public hearing will be tomorrow, February 17th at the Legislative public hearing room 9am.

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