At Tuesday’s meeting, President Rector informed Dr. Underwood that some Principals were trying to require teachers to have a Dr’s note if they are absent on a Monday or Friday. He asked her to order her principals to cease and desist immediately for a number of reasons.
• IT’S A VIOLATION OF THE TEACHERS’ CONTRACT. Art 7c1c which states: “…Sick leave for less than four consecutive days shall not require a physician’s certification except for specific cases where a teacher’s pattern of sick leave indicates possible misuse of leave.”

• IT’S A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY: Having dozens of teachers begin filing grievances for such a clear cut issue would waste both the union and DOE’s time and money.
• IT ASSUMES TEACHERS ARE LIARS: Everybody should be treated with dignity and respect at work and the contract language protects against abuse.
• IT’S AGAINST THE CDC’S RECOMMENDATIONS: Teach students, parents, and staff the importance of staying home when sick until at least 24 hours after they no longer have a fever (usually defined as 100 degrees Fahrenheit or 37.8 degrees Celsius, measured by mouth) or signs of a fever (chills, feeling very warm, flushed appearance, or sweating) without the use of fever-reducing medicine. Review school policies, and consider revising those that make it difficult for students and staff to stay home when sick or when caring for others who are sick. Avoid the use of perfect attendance awards. Cross-train staff so others can cover for co-workers who need to stay home. click here to read CDC recommendation
• IT’S NOT HEALTHY FOR TEACHERS, STAFF OR STUDENTS: The last thing any manager should want is for their employees to come to work when they have the flu. They’ll just infect everyone else, and at a school this is magnified a thousand fold. No matter how careful a teacher is, kids will be kids and viruses fly around schools way too fast. Even fairly non contagious diseases like TB get around schools fast. We need to protect both students and adults by following the contract, CDC recommendations and just common sense.

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