GFT’s election for At-Large Officers finished at 5pm on Friday February 25th, shortly after which the election committee made up of Neeti Prakash (DOE Teacher Chair), Joaquin Tayama (PAG Chair), Albert Perez (DODEA Bus Driver Chair), Mike Bailey (DOE Teacher Worksite Leader) and John Penaflor (DPW Bus Driver Chair), began counting the votes and didn’t stop until after 1am. Just to be sure they hadn’t missed anything, they recounted the next evening from 5pm until after 1am again with the same results: All of the incumbents had retained their seats. Carefully following GFT’s constitution to the letter, the Election Committee officially informed GFT’s Executive Council by delivering the certified results to the council at the scheduled March 8th meeting and President Rector posted the results on the union’s bulletin boards on March 9th.

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