Almost 200 teachers and parents went to Wednesday’s Guam Education Board meeting to stand for their profession, Students and contract.  Teacher after teacher, decked out in “I make a difference” t-shirts, testified about how hard they work, how much they care for their students and how important their contract was.  Finally at the end of the meeting Board member Joe San Agustin made a motion to extend the teachers’ contract which was seconded by Rosie Tainatongo.  The motion passed unanimously!!! Teachers and students continue to enjoy the Protection of their union contract until Aug. 2012.  This was an incredible victory since Board chair Francis Santos had stated, in writing, that the Board would not extend the CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement).  This sentiment was repeated by Board member Barry Mead in a 10/7/11 email “we are not able to see fit to extend the current contract…”  Thanks to the unified voices of teachers and parents we made a difference!!!

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