“We Are One” week of action has hit every State in the country with thousands of union brothers and sisters gathering at rallies and holding up signs, “Stand up for workers’ rights”! The week of action kicked off on the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s assassination in Memphis, Tennessee where he stood up for the rights of the Sanitation workers. Dr. King’s fight for economic justice continues today as the anti-union/family legislation proposed in various States has motivated working families to fight for America’s middle class. Hurting workers in one State, hurts all workers in the nation including Guam. Anything that weakens Union Movements’ ability to stand for a decent middleclass life strengthens the ability for the ultra-rich and Corporations to continue stealing our wealth and funnel it to them. As part of this week’s “We Are One” events, union workers will be showing their pride on April 6 by wearing their union t-shirts. Since Guam is where America’s day begins, GFT members and staff had a jump start today and wore their GFT shirts. Click here to follow “We Are One” event happenings and information

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