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The majority of us are getting poorer while the wealthiest 10%wealthiest 10% are getting richer, a lot richer,and our democracies have failed us. It’s no secret on Guam that our standard of living has gone steadily down for the last 15 years, but what a lot of people don’t know is that the protests in Egypt weren’t democracy protests as much as poverty protests. Egyptian families had constantly seen their standard of living decrease while their leaders get richer until they said NO MORE. Since their “Democracy” failed them they did what workers have always done to win for their families, they took to the streets. The same is true in Wisconsin, except instead of their middleclass standard of living being taken away a little at a time, as it has been on Guam and Egypt, their Republican Governor and Legislature want to do it all at once and take away their right to ever win it back again. This is why hundreds of thousands have marched and protested in freezing, snowy weather for over two weeks! The big question that we on Guam need to ask ourselves is: When will we say enough is enough?

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