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FREE $1Million in Professional liability insurance ($2M for healthcare workers) so if someone sues you on the job, you’re covered!

POWER to be part of the Solution. Members decide what goes into GFT’s Collective Bargaining Agreements (contracts); participate in Board-Union policy making committees, as well as GFT committees.

FREE $25,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance on or off the job.

FREE $5,000/$35,000 legal reimbursement insurance. If you are accused of a crime on the job your legal bills are covered.

FREE advice and representation on pay, working conditions, grievances and disciplinary actions.

DISCOUNTS, both local and national which makes membership essentially free.

FREE and discounted union and leadership classes as well as Teacher Professional development ER&D classes.

PRIDE in being part of the only organization fighting for Guam’s working families.

GFT Members have much to be proud of for being part of an organization that wins for working families through the power of collective bargaining, representation in the courts and in our democracy. As a GFT Member, you have the security and protection from being discriminated against, wrongfully terminated or suspended on your job. The power of the union to win is our members and their families so the more we grow the more we win! Help protect those that don’t have the protection of union membership and have them join GFT today!

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