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This week, we sent letters to the Directors of DPW, GFD and DOA to settle labor issues that the previous administration left unresolved. A couple of years ago, we renegotiated the contract for DPW bus drivers, but the Director at the time refused to sign the agreement or return to the negotiations table. The last Chief at GFD also refused to sign the contract for our fire fighters and even had an assistant AG draft up another agreement that wasn’t negotiated nor was it legal. Finally, we have petitioned for exclusive recognition for GMH Support staff and DMH social workers awhile back, but DOA has failed to issue recognition for the Governor’s signature. Our attorneys have already drafted up lawsuits to resolve these issues in court. However, we have put these lawsuits on hold so that the new directors have a chance to address them. Click here to read letters to DPW GFD DOA

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