Members at the Port and DPW are quite anxious to conclude the collective bargaining process and would like to get back to the negotiation table as soon as possible.  “We’ve gone to the negotiation table and sat there for almost two years going back and forth, we got shutdown,” stated one of the Port workers.  The union has sent several letters to DPW and the Port’s management requesting to resume negotiations but we have yet to receive a response.  In September, the union requested the use of a mediator for both the Port and DPW but received no response.  The union then sent letters requesting to proceed with arbitration but received no response again.  Not only is management committing an unfair labor practice but this is considered a mortal sin by the Catholic Church.   “…actions to thwart union organizing campaigns, stifle contract talks, unilaterally roll back wages and benefits, and break existing labor agreements are a grave violation of Catholic social doctrine on labor unions,” Catholic Scholars explained.  Hopefully management starts doing what’s right and starts working with the union to get a contract our Port workers deserve.  
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