Each and every one of you makes a difference in your job every day.  Whether you are a teacher, school aide, bus driver, dock worker, nurse, office clerk, maintenance worker, police officer or fire fighter, you do incredible work that many times go unnoticed.  We want you to show us what you do in your jobs that make a difference in our community.  Create a one minute video using a video camera, cell phone or any other video recording device and send it to imakeadifference@gftunion.com or drop off a copy to the GFT Office by December 2, 2011.  Video submissions will be posted on our website for voting, and the video with the most votes is our WINNER!  It can be a simple video or you can get really creative with it.  Email irish@gftunion.com for more information or contact the GFT Office at #735-4390.       

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