Workers of Wisconsin are experiencing one of our nation’s biggest union-busting attempts in history. Governor Scott Walker’s bill that proposes to gut collective bargaining for all public employees excluding fire fighters and police officers in order to save the Government’s financial debt is merely a ploy to kill labor unions and the ability for workers to protect their rights. Thousands of Wisconsin workers have been marching down the streets of Madison and down to the Capital protesting against the bill. Not only are affected public employees of Wisconsin standing up for their rights but even the police officers and fire fighters who are not affected by the bill are joining them in this fight for working families. We must not forget that on Guam a similar situation was brought on to our local union and its members when Governor Camacho swore that he would destroy the union and collective bargaining. GFT then gained strength to overcome the challenges that was ahead by organizing and growing the union membership to all GovGuam workers. Let us be reminded that the only way to protect for our families and the rights of workers is to unite and stand together!

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