Guam’s business community and their Political lobbyists (Guam Hotel and Restaurant Association, Chamber of Commerce and the Employer’s Council) have spent millions since 1994 in order to keep wages as low as possible for Guam’s workers.  Every time there has been an increase in the minimum wage proposed, their representatives in the legislature have killed or delayed it.  They also passed the anti-union “Right to work (for less)” bill which essentially has kept wages low by making it extremely difficult for unions to organize the private sector.  So what has this endless war on workers cost our families, $189,628,192,000.00 since 1994 as a result of wages not keeping up with inflation.  This could fund GovGuam for almost 400 years, it could have bought 100Million homes, doubled our public school budget, made everyone’s healthcare completely free and so much more.  Where did the money go, into the profits of Guam’s big corporations and the Uber rich.