When the GEB adopted Barry Mead’s motion to increase the High Schools by 2 periods, teachers’ work load by 26% and their duty time by 50%, did they take into account that it’s illegal, counterproductive and that it would cost an additional $4Million?   Adding 2 additional periods will require an approximately 10% increase in teachers needed at every high school which means approximately 50 more teachers. Even if they hire first year teachers with a starting pay of $29k (plus benefits is approx $38k) it will still cost DOE an additional annual cost of $1.9M. Of course, if schools are now going to be open for an additional three hours a day which equals a 30% increase in power bills for every school as well as more books and supplies for the additional classes.  All together this will require at the very least a $4M annual expense to DOE’s budget.  DOE cannot even fund what they do now, how will they fund this additional cost?