CALVO: “Over $200 million in local funds go to DOE. There are 2,000 locally-funded teachers. If even 75 percent of that money went to pay teachers… and you do the math, that means the average teacher would be paid about $75,000 a year. But they’re not. The average teacher only gets a little more than half of that. The rest of that money is going to pay for union contract mandates. It is the union contract itself that has sapped millions from the budget that should have gone to your pay increases.”
MATH:  The total teacher payroll is $112Million and there are only 1861 teachers. The total school aide and custodial payroll is $19Million. Divided that by 1861 and each teacher could get an extra $10,000.  Of course teachers would have to work 12 hour days all year painting, cleaning, repairing etc and would never get all of the work done.  Also the average teacher salary inclusive of benefits is $60,000 per year.