5.H.1. Faculty Meetings

5.H.1.a. At each regularly scheduled meeting, the last ten minutes shall be reserved for the union representative to make announcements to its bargaining unit during which attendance is voluntary. The union representative shall not solicit memberships, collect membership dues, or conduct internal organization business.

5.H.1.b. Teachers will be required to attend a maximum of ten (10) regular faculty meetings a year and no meeting will exceed one (1) hour. The agenda shall be distributed to faculty members one (1) day in advance. The agenda for the meeting may include subjects submitted by the faculty members at least two (2) school days in advance. Announcement of the meeting must be made at least one (1) week in advance unless the meeting is regularly scheduled. The faculty will vote at the first meeting of the year whether to hold morning or afternoon meetings.

5.H.1.c. At least once per school year during any new teacher orientation, time shall be set aside for the purposes of joint presentation and discussion by the Union and Management of this collective bargaining agreement. Management and Union shall agree in advance on the time to be allotted to the joint presentation which shall in no event be less than twenty minutes or longer than one hour. Topics shall include management and faculty rights and responsibilities under the Agreement and shall reserve time for questions and answers.

Please let us know if your Principal is violating the spirit of the contract.  Email irish@gftunion.com