Thanks to the Teachers’ CBA, teachers can be involved in the process of education development and growth through committees.  Article VIII states:


The Department and the Union recognize the value of committees for educational development and growth, and the necessity of including teachers and the Union in decisions that affect instruction and the schools, therefore, teacher members on joint committees and all other committees (including task forces and working circles but excluding committees within a school or worksite) shall be appointed by the Union.

Within 30 days of the beginning of the school year (by October 15. the first year of this
Agreement), the Superintendent and the President of the Union, or their designees, shall meet to determine the standing joint Board-Union committees, their duties, and their membership. There shall be joint committees to address the areas of textbooks, curriculum, calendar, salary and educational improvement. When appropriate, existing committees may be continued. The parties may form other joint committees at any time.

Please let us know if your Principal is violating the spirit of the contract.  Email

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