Thank you to teachers, school aides, students, parents and the entire community for voicing your concerns. George Washington, Simon Sanchez, John F. Kennedy and Okkodo High School will return to their regular class schedule for SY2012-2013.  Not only was the proposed 4AB schedule change by the board against the collective bargaining process but it will cost us over a million dollars on personnel to implement!  The money should be spent on offering P.E., Music and Arts in the elementary schools.  DOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez made a wise decision to postpone the change.  Any other proposed changes in working conditions should be done the proper way which is through the negotiation process.  Through the negotiation process, both sides of the table will be able to discuss each issue thoroughly, find solutions to address these issues and then come to an agreement that will work best for our children.  We cannot stress enough how important securing a contract is for administrators and teachers, and we hope that this can happen soon.