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Members who have been concerned with their administrators requiring a doctor’s note for their sick leave, please note that you are not required to submit a doctor’s note if you have been out on sick leave for less than three (3) days consecutively.  According to 4GCA § 4108. Sick Leave.

(d) Certification. If an employee is absent because of illness, injury, medical condition or quarantine in excess of three (3) consecutive days, he may be required to furnish a certification as to the incapacity from a regularly licensed physician or other evidence administratively acceptable. The department head may require certification for such other period as is appropriate.  

Also, DOE’s Personnel Rules and Regulations states under Application of Sick Leave,
B. Sick leave shall be granted in accordance with statute, rules, policies and procedures.

You may be required to provide a doctor’s note for specific reasons.  Should you experience this, please get in contact with a Field Representative for advice and guidance.  

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