The first few days of classes have been hectic with traffic and the double sessions but overall no major problems for our DPW bus drivers.    Although there is a shortage of drivers causing double backs, which means having our bus drivers come back to the schools for a second drop off, they have been working hard in adjusting and ensuring our students get to and from school safely and on time.  “I start my work day at 5:30am to start picking up the kids, get off at about 9:30am and then start my routes again at 11am for GW’s first double session.  I then work my way to the elementary schools, middle schools and the rest of the high schools until the end of the second double session at about 6:30pm,” explained one of our bus driver members.  The rental buses have helped our bus drivers a lot but they are hoping new buses can be purchased instead.  Our bus drivers play a very important role in our children’s education.  We hope that they can improve their working conditions through collective bargaining in which we are working on getting started up again.  “The kids mean a lot to us, we’re one of the first people to greet them Good morning and one of the last to say Good night” – DPW Bus driver.                     
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