AFT President, Randi Weingarten, discussed the importance of Labor and Management working together in order to improve education for all kids and not just some kids.  The school district of Cincinnati, Ohio was used as an example of a great system where teachers and administrators work together to provide an adequate education for their children.  They focus on improving the children’s Math and English skills, early childhood development and ensure the children receive decent health and dental care.  “What they’re (Cincinnati school district) doing is they’re working together.  Instead of people trying to divide the teachers that work every single day with kids, they understand that they got to roll up their sleeves and work together to solve problems,” stated Weingarten.  This is exactly what Guam’s education needs.  The board, administrators, teachers and parents need to all work together and decide on what works best for our children.  The right way and only way to do this is through the collective bargaining process.  With only a couple of days left in the school year, we hope the board could follow the example of the Cincinnati school district and start working with our teachers before the next school year begins. Watch Video of Weingarten here