President Tim Fedenko met with Superintendent Jon Fernandez on Monday to discuss ways on improving Guam’s education.  Fedenko brought up numerous violations of 4GCA and the teachers’ contract from a select number of Administrators.  Although the contract has expired, the board has directed Administrators to continue honoring the contract.  The behavior of certain Administrators has increased the fear of intimidation of our faculty and staff at the schools and has prevented them from voicing their concerns through the Grievance Procedure.  The abuse in power amongst certain Administrators is the reason why having a contract is so important.  School faculty and staff must grieve any violations from their administrators.  Using the Grievance Process will be a huge help in getting a contract in place as it produces a paper trail of the issues that need to be addressed.  Fortunately, we have an improved section of the GFT website that makes it easy and convenient for members to start the Grievance process and contact a Field Representative for any concerns or advice.  We now have three field representatives, David Babauta, Debbie Quinata and our newest staff member Joleen Certeza Castro to help and represent members.  The power of a union is only as strong as its membership.  Let’s get the voices of thousands be heard and stand up for your rights at work.