Just as our brothers and sister of Guam’s Port and DPW bus drivers have been waiting for contract negotiations to resume, the ILWU longshore workers of the Pacific Northwest are experiencing a similar situation with their employer, EGT.  Longshore workers have been fighting to have EGT resume negotiations over their terms of employment.  Like Guam’s Port and DPW management, EGT has refused to return to the table.  EGT promised to provide good local jobs but did the complete opposite and outsourced the work.  ILWU President McEllrath has informed their Longshore workers to prepare to take action as not only their workers’ jobs are at stake but the entire community.  Read more here.  Just as the Longshore workers are preparing to take action, our Port and DPW workers should be preparing to stand for their jobs as well.  We have yet to receive a response to move to arbitration and soon we will be taking the next course of action.