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CALVO: “But I go back to my original point: the people who care the most are the ones with the least power. The GFT contract left parents, teachers, principals, the superintendent and the board powerless.  I don’t understand why teachers are forbidden from cleaning their own classrooms. Or why teachers can’t keep an eye out on their students in the hallways. Or why a union contract tells the taxpayers of Guam how big a classroom should be.”
Powerless:  How does the contract leave anyone powerless?  It just empowers the teachers to have input into some of the things that affect their students.
Cleaning:  The contract doesn’t forbid any teacher from doing anything and teachers clean their classrooms all the time.
Classroom size:  The contract specifies that there has to be 20 square feet of space for everybody in the room.  This is the exact same number as OSHA regulations.  Does he want to violate OSHA and cram all of the students into closets like sardines?

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