Last month, almost 300 graduates received their diplomas from the University of Guam and over 100 received their Associate degree from the Guam Community College.  We commend their hard work and perseverance to accomplish this goal, unfortunately the job market in Guam isn’t very rewarding for these graduates.  The saying, “Go to college so you can get a good job” isn’t quite true these days.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Guam’s Annual mean wage is only $31,840.  This may seem pretty decent for some local residents but if you calculate the expenses on renting or owning a home and a car, gas, insurances, groceries, utilities, childcare, etc. this amount is not enough.  Look at the difference with some of the jobs listed below and the comparison of Guam’s average hourly pay and Hawaii.  Guam’s wages are in dire need of an increase.  The cost of living keeps rising but the wages are stagnant.  How else can we grow our economy if don't raise wages?      
                                                                         Guam            Hawaii
Teachers                                                       $28,440         $43,130
Graphic artists                                              $28,860        $42,090
Reporters                                                      $27,790        $52,660
Medical/clinical lab technicians   $29,050       $42,410
Pharmacy technicians                                 $24,210       $35,230
Medical assistants                                      $23,010       $34,530
Restaurant cooks                                        $18,210        $31,100
Retail supervisors                                       $28,230       $45,520
Sales representatives                                $25,570       $50,790
Customer Service Rep                               $22,380       $33,790
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