The Guam Military Build-up recruiting standards that the U.S. Department of Labor recently released is a great victory for Guam’s families as this will help create jobs and circulate more money into our economy.  The recruiting standards make it a priority to hire U.S. workers over H2 workers.  “When I tried to fix this (as a Senator) via local law, contractors went bonkers fighting it. Then I worked with Congressman (now Governor) Abercrombie to get this fixed in federal law, and even though the local contractors poured a lot of money into lobbying the Senate we still got some important changes made which resulted in this action,” stated President Matt Rector.
Every dollar paid to a local worker circulates in Guam’s economy 10 times because they spend it locally (buying new cars, cell phones, clothes for their kids, taking their family out to eat and to the movies) whereas a dollar given to temporary foreign workers gets sent back to their country.  When we hire local workers with decent wages, the circulation of money will generate tax revenue that will go towards improving our public education, safety, and health care.  
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