College professors, cable television installers and employees at donut shops, a hotel and in telecommunications are the latest workers to join AFL-CIO unions.

Nearly 400 AT&T Mobility retail store workers in Mississippi and Wyoming have chosen Communications Workers of America (CWA) representation. AT&T which has agreed to management neutrality, recognized the workers’ choice of CWA when majorities signed union authorization cards. The Mississippi unit includes 314 workers.

Some 60 workers at two Dunkin Donuts stores in New York City’s Penn Station have joined The Newspaper Guild-CWA. The donut shops are in Hudson News stores at the station where workers have been TNG-CWA members for more than a decade. Hudson agreed to recognize the Guild as the Dunkin workers representative. Says Bill O’Meara, president of the New York Guild,

Adding Dunkin’ to the mix makes for a Guild trifecta:  Waiting for your train at Penn Station, you can read a story written by a Guild member, in a newspaper rung up by a Guild member, while having coffee and a doughnut sold by yet another Guild member.    

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