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In the history of the Port Authority of Guam’s existence with the GFT, the contract for Port workers has finally been signed by the board and they now have a voice at their workplace!  On April 1, 2008, GFT received Exclusive Recognition for employees at the Port.  Since then negotiations went through many changes.  After a long negotiation process, the board has agreed to sign the contract!  Port workers will meet on Friday, November 9, 2012 for ratification of the contract.  This is exciting news as this contract will allow management and workers to work together to ensure they have a safe work environment. This victory for the Port should give all our public workers hope in getting a contract.  GFT is still working on getting contracts in place for DOE Teachers, DOE Support Staff, DPW, GFD, GWA and UOG Support Staff.  It was a long and hard process; when many thought it would never happen, the workers stuck together, did not leave their union and worked hard to finish their contract.  It is true, when thousands of voices speak together as one, they shall be heard!

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