For most public school teachers, summer has officially begun.  After an entire school year of preparing lesson plans, grading papers, advising student organizations, coaching sports teams, and sitting in committees, teachers can finally get a break!  Okkodo High School teacher, Barbara Janssen, is happy to finally get a break and visit family and friends but she hopes that teachers can get a contract negotiated in good faith with mutual respect from both sides of the negotiation table.  “We (teachers) are very dedicated and I wish to have the support we deserve.  One way to do this is by negotiating our contract,” Janssen explains.  Contract negotiations have been at a halt but GFT’s negotiating team is hoping that management gets back to the table.  In the meantime, GFT is awaiting a response on the ULP filed against DOE for imposing changes to the teachers’ working conditions outside of the bargaining process.